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The duty of dhamma mahamatta was

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Medium Answer Correct option is A Ashoka Ashoka appointed officials, known as the dhamma mahamatta who went from place to place teaching people about dhamma. Besides, Ashoka got his messages inscribed on rocks and pillars, instructing his officials to read his message to those who could not read it themselves. Answer verified by Toppr Upvote (0).

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Asoka’s Dhamma and its propagation by special officers known as the dhamma mahamatta . Question 8. Discuss the notions of kingship that developed in the post-Maury an period. Solution Question 8. Discuss the notions of kingship that developed in the post-Maury an period.

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The Kalinga War. During ancient times; the modern day coastal Orissa was known as Kalinga. In order to expand his territory; Ashoka attacked Kalinga and won the battle. In the Kalinga battle, more than a lakh people died, many more were taken as prisoners and a large number of people was badly affected. Ashoka was shocked at that incident.

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